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The premiere beverage distributor for Roanoke and surrounding counties.
Anheuser-Busch Assorted Beers
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Beach Bum Blonde Ale
Beach Bum Blonde Ale
Beach Bum Blonde Ale all-malt American blonde ale, which draws its deep golden color from the finest pale and caramel roasted barley malts. This beer is dry hopped with the choicest imported Alsace and Hallertau hops as well as Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest, which lend to its pleasant hop aroma and its slightly spicy and fruity taste. 5.4% ABV
Hurricane High Gravity

Hurricane High Gravity
Hurricane High Gravity is a high end malt liquor, offering a very full-bodied flavor with a smooth, sweet finish. 8.1% ABV

King Cobra King Cobra is an American malt liquor with a robust and full-bodied, smooth, clean taste. 8% ABV
Land Shark

Landshark Lager is a refreshing, drinkable beer brewed for the island lifestyle.  Landshark Lager was created through collaboration between Margaritaville Brewing Co. and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. 4.7% ABV

Margaritaville Tea and Lemonade

Margaritaville Spiked Lemonade is finely carbonated with 100 percent natural lemon flavors for a perfect balance of taste and refreshment
Margaritaville Spiked Tea is made with a blend of natural fine select tea flavor and a splash of 100 percent natural lemon flavor.

Click Here to download the Margaritvaville Spiked Lemonade and Tea fact sheet.

Margaritaville Cocktails - Island Lime Margarita and Paradise Punch
Margaritaville Cocktails: Paradise Punch and Island Lime Margarita
Coming Soon!
O'Doul's Original and Amber

O'Doul's and O'Doul's Amber
Both are non-alcohol malt beverages. O’Doul’s has a mild, sweet taste with a slightly dry finish.  O’Doul’s Amber has a rich, slightly sweet taste with flavorful hop finish. O’Doul’s and O’Doul’s Amber are brewed as traditional premium beers – fermented and aged to full maturity.
Click here to download the O'Doul's and O'Doul's Amber fact sheet.

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Wild Blue - Premium Blueberry Lager
Wild Blue is a specialty fruit-infused lager. The beer is full, round and warm with a pleasant ripe blueberry flavor/aroma that’s rounded out by tart and zesty notes. Click here to download the brand fact sheet.

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