History of P.A. Short

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Following the repeal of Prohibition, and the introduction of a required “three tier” system of beer distribution in Virginia, Anheuser-Busch offered the wholesale distribution rights of its products to “C. C. Bova” in the Roanoke area. C. C. Bova distributed fruits and vegetables to “on and off” premise retailers in the area.

Charlie Bova slowly built the beer distribution business, later with the help of his sons Frank and Rudy, through the end of World War II. In 1945, Frank returned from military service and became primarily responsible for the beer distribution portion of the business. In 1951, the beer and vegetable businesses were separated with the incorporation of “Bova Distributing Company”, which was solely responsible for beer distribution. Within a few years, Frank Bova became sole owner of the Company, purchasing the interests of his father, Charlie and his brother, Rudy. Frank Bova was responsible for the Company’s growth until his death in 1994.

Phillip A. Short, Sr., Bova Distributing Company’s outside counsel, became full time Vice President and General Counsel for the Company in 1981. He became Vice President, General Manager and minority owner in 1985. Phillip was promoted to Company President in 1990, and became sole owner following Frank Bova’s death. In 2001, the name of the Company was changed to P. A. Short Distributing.

After many successful years of handling Anheuser-Busch products exclusively, it was decided to expand the Company’s opportunities by introducing non-alcoholic sodas, teas, energy drinks and drink mixers. The Company then began to expand into alcoholic beverages including Four, Clubtails, Johnny Bootlegger, and several regional craft brands including items from Heavy Seas, Legend Brewing, Starr Hill, Victory, and Devils Backbone.

Distribution  Territory

P.A. Short's beer distribution territory serves the Virginia cities of Roanoke, Salem and Radford, as well as the counties of Craig, Botetourt, Floyd, Roanoke and portions of Montgomery, Franklin and Bedfdord.

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Phillip A. Short, Sr.


Previously a Tax Attorney before joining Company Management in 1982 and becoming sole owner of the Company in 1996. He feels our employees and customers/retailers make PA Short special saying, "I can't imagine an industry that is more fun than the Beer Industry. During my 35+ years I can't think of anything I would have enjoyed more than working with our employees and the experiences I have had."

Favorite Beer:  Budweiser

Aden Short

Vice President

Aden started working in the warehouse back in College, then after completing his Masters he came back full-time in 2020. He has help positions as On-Premise Supervisor, Asst. Sales Manager & Asst. General Manager and enjoys learning more about the industry. "Hard to have a bad day in the beer Industry. Many plus & minus working for a family business but wouldn't have it any other way." At the end of the day he linkes to sit down with a cold beer.

Favorite Beer:  Budweiser

George Ellis

General Manager

George started working for PA Short back in 1977 and has held numberous positions over the years including Warehouse, Draft Driver, Area Sales Manager and now General Manager. The family environment and "that no two days are alike" make PA Short special to him along with continuing his family's tradition started by his father and now continued on by his son of working in the business. One of his favorite duties is the Special Events and seeing the people's enthusiasm.

Favorite Beer:  Michelob Ultra

Chuck Hedge

Sales Manager

Chuck joined PA Short in 1991 and having held positions from Team Leader to Salesman and now Sales Manager he feels that the culture of PA Short and working with people who know and enjoy their jobs makes PA Short a special place to work. "I enjoy working with the best brands and the best people." His favorite duty is creative display building.

Favorite Beer:  Bud Light or

Buck Ellis

High-End Brand Manager

Employed with PA Short since 2011 Buck enjoys talking about his favorite subject, "BEER". He also likes that his duties change everyday therefore he doesn't get bored and the added bonus is the unique employee atmosphere here at PA Short Distributing Company

Favorite Beer:  Variety

Mike Blankenship

On-Premise Manager

Since joining PA Short in 2001 Mike has held positions from Extra Man to Delivery to
Pre-Sales before becoming the On-Premise Manager. He really enjoys the family atmosphere and working closely with his team of people. As with other employees he enjoys that everyday is different.

Favorite Beer:  "Variety is the
Spice of Life"

Jennifer Novitsky

Sales Administrator

Starting in 1995 as a Receiptionist, Jennifer then was promted to a Bookkeeper and is now the Sales Aministrator. She enjoys the "family atmosphere - we laugh and cry together and enjoy all the dysfunctionalities of a family". The duties of her job bring her enjoyment or in her words, "... I wouldn't be here".

Favorite Beer:  Light Chelada

Betty Kosko


Betty began working for PA Short in 2018 as our Controller and likes the people who work here because "They treat you like family and it's a casual working enviroment." She considers herself to be a "numbers person" so preparing financial reports and reconciliations are among her favorite duties.

Favorite Beer:  Michelob Ultra

Wanda Waddey

Accounting Assistant

Wanda came to work for PA Short in 2007 and enjoys that the company is small enough that we work as a family and she is able to work at her own pace with support as needed. Figuring out the numbers for daily deposits is her favorite task. "Truly appreciate our team and feel like we work together for the common goal which is something you shouldn't take for granted."

Favorite Beer:  Ritas

Bo Mitchem

Warehouse Manager

Starting with PA Short in 2013 as a Driver, Bo was quickly promoted to his current position as Warehouse Manager. He enjoys the family atmosphere, comfortability and the daily challenges of managing people. Outside of work Bo previously coached High School Football, but has given that up to coach 2 girls basketball teams.

Favorite Beer:  Bud Light

Holly Howell

Administrative Assistant

Holly joined PA Short in August 2019 as an Administrative Assistant from a previous job in banking. Family Atmosphere is her first thoughts on PA Short, "Everyone is an individual here, and we work as a team."

Favorite Beer: "Depends on the day, usually something light."

Career Opportunities

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Hollins, Virginia 24019

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