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The premiere beverage distributor for Roanoke and surrounding counties.
Social Responsibility
About P. A. Short Distributing Company

P. A. Short Distributing Company
and a team of over 600 other privately owned distributors have joined with Anheuser-Busch to become industry leaders in the fight against alcohol abuse. Responsibility matters.
Click Here to visit the full Anheuser-Busch Corporate Social Responsibility website.

Anheuser-Busch Corporate Responsibility Program

P. A. Short Distributing is also a proud supporter and Street Smart presentation host of S.A.F.E. (Stay Alive
rom Education)
. Their mission is to help young adults learn behaviors that mitigate their death and injury through providing interactive educational opportunities for them that address these behaviors; by influencing educators to integrate these educational opportunities into the school curriculum and in school regulations, to communicate to young adults the value society puts on insuring that young adults practice protective behaviors.

The S.A.F.E. program is presented by Firefighter Paramedics who share there real life work experiences. SAFE works to significantly decrease the percentage of death and injury of young adults due to trauma by
a) delivering to students nation wide field-tested interactive workshop designed for young adults, and; b) insuring that school leadership play their in part as public servants in insuring the practice of protective behaviors in young adults.

P. A. Short Distributing also calls upon speaker, Sarah Panzau, to reach local students with her messages about underage drinking, drunk driving, making smart choices, respecting parents and rising above disabilities. She poignantly describes the physical and emotional pain of a life that is forever changed because of the poor decision she made. Sarah also talks about determination, perseverance, peer pressure, the “wrong crowd” and the meaning of “real” friends. She pleads with students to spot the telltale warning signs in others and underscores the need to seek help. Sarah delivers her messages in a powerful and emotional manner that leaves young people spellbound. She makes a lasting impression by walking among the students donning athletic wear, so her scars help tell the story of her poor choices. For detail about the next speaker or workshop being hosted by P. A. Short Distributing Company, please call us at (540)992-5000.

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